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Data chaser and interactive graphics maker. Lots of code, reporting and coffee, all in the name of journalism. I'm currently a data reporter and interactive graphics maker at and The Star-Ledger.

I used to be deputy data visuals editor at the International Business Times. An alum of the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. Before that, I went to the University of Florida.

Also, not a unicorn. Just a regular person. (sorry!)

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i've done some things

New Jersey Comparison Tool

December 2016

Built a head-to-head comparison tool that will let our readers compare between two entities whether it's the latest Census data by towns or the latest school graduation by schools.

New Jersey Presidential Election Results Town-by-Town

November 2016

Created a D3.js map for the presidential election results with the data gathered by our newsroom. Includes a bonus map for towns that flipped from either Obama in 2012 to Trump in 2016, or from Romney in 2012 to Clinton in 2016.

Presidential Tax Calculator

March 2016

Using data from the Tax Policy Center, this calculator can tell you how much money will be added or taken away from your bi-monthly paycheck based on each 2016 candidates' tax plan. There's also a dropdown menu where you can choose from different income level and compare the differences.

Personal Project: Gilmore Girls Pop-Tart Generator

April 2016

Using D3.js, I created a Pop-tart generator of all episodes of the TV show, Gilmore Girls, based on scores from the Gilmore Guys podcast and other metrics.

D3 Animated Clusters

April 2016

Interactive graphics using D3.js library showing how virus like Zika might spread depending on the r-naught of the surrounding environment based on a study.

D3 Charts and Graphics

Dec. 2015

Interactive and static graphics using D3.js library. Created interactive charts for a story on Guangdong's shift to manufacturing in China. Created charts with two y-axis on anti-overdose prescription drug and sales.

Oregon Stand-off

Jan. 2016

An interactive timeline map taking you through the history of Oregon and how the occupied lands of the Oregon standoff went from Native American lands to federal territory. Created using Leaflet.

2016 Elections Primary Graphics

January-March 2016

Several D3.js, interactive maps on the 2016 election primaries, along with results and comparisons.

People and Events Database

Nov. 2015

An interactive, filterable, searchable database of people and events that can be reskinned for different types of stories and updated solely by reporters using Google spreadsheets as a back-end. Github here. Examples of the database in action can be found here and here.

Arrest-related deaths in New Jersey for the last 10 years

October 2014

We got about 10 years of arrest-related deaths in New Jersey, including police shootings, "excited delirium" deaths and suicides. I created a Ruby on Rails database and an interactive graphic. New Jersey Press Association Winner.

Guns, armor and a grenade launcher: Do N.J. cops need weapons of war? AND What surplus military gear landed with your police department?

August and December 2014

Two stories I did using the Department of Defense's 1033 program data. The latter one from December 2014 has more detailed data. New Jersey Press Association Winner.

Forgotten Faces of Sandy

August 2014

A Ruby on Rails blog detailing the lives of people still affected by Superstorm Sandy two years later. New Jersey Press Association Winner.

Health care data of 1 million N.J. patients compromised since 2009

September 2014

Did you know that many hospitals don't encrypt their patient data? I didn't either until I did this story using Health and Human Services' hospital breach data.

Midterms 2014: Christie Election Tracker

November 2014

Chris Christie didn't run for anything in 2014. But as head of the Republican Governor's Association, he did stump for many fellow Republican candidates. Using the AP's live election API, I built an elections result board tracking how Christie's candidates did in the November 2014 election.

Map: What score did your school get on its anti-bullying program?

October 2014

Quick map using New Jersey's anti-bullying school scores in the aftermath of the Sayerville High School football scandal.

Terrified of rollercoasters? More accidents happen on water slides, state data shows

June 2014

Database and other interactive graphics on New Jersey amusement park accidents.



NJ Advance Media ( Star-Ledger)
Data Visual Journalist
August 2016 - Present

in the past

International Business Times
Deputy Data Visuals Editor
Oct. 2015 - July 2016

NJ Advance Media ( Star-Ledger)
Data Journalist
Nov. 2013 - Sept. 2015
Interactive Data (intern)
May 2013 - August 2013

USA Today
Data Investigative (intern)
June 2012 - August 2012


CUNY Graduate School of Journalism
M.A. in Journalism
August 2011 - Dec. 2012

University of Florida
B.S. in Journalism, B.A. in Costume Design for Theater
August 2005 - June 2009


HTML, CSS, Javascript (especially D3), Python


2013 CUNY Hillman Prize for Social Justice Reporting

New Jersey Press Association 2015 First Amendment - Art Weissman Memorial Award

New Jersey Press Association 2015 Best Multimedia Element